Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More about the book

The book is getting close (I think) to finishing. At this point I have 25 images created. I dropped it off at the gallery on Friday after work, and Ric is deciding whether or not we continue. It is taking me much longer to create the images than I thought it would. I'm worried about their production schedule, and Ric's worried about the artistic process; which he wants to have be the driving factor, not when they need to publish by. I love him for that.

I had a last big push to finish up 4 different images, and here are the results:

Polar choices
Polar Choices,

Past desire
Past Desire,

Wishful thinking
Wishful Thinking, and finally,

Some Choice
Some Choice. All images, all rights reserved.

One other thing- I found this in the stairwell at work after lunch today-

found list
Seriously, they need to be reminded to turn in the lotto tickets?

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