Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catch Up

So very much has been happening, I need to bring everyone up to speed, and get better about posting again.

First, Bonestock. Yes, we had a blast. The weather turned fine by late in the day on Friday, the clouds finally moving away and opening up the scenic views we were all hoping for.

Friday Evening
This was the view on Friday evening, from the top of the hill looking down over the valley. The remainder of the weekend was picture perfect; sun, blue skies, little puffy clouds.

Saturday AM That's the flagpole at the top of the hill on Saturday morning. We created a wall of art,

Wall of Art on Sunday morning this was the final product on Sunday morning. We listened to fantastic bands,

The Noisy Neighbors; Saturday. like The Noisy Neighbors, and we sat by a raging fire at night.

Big Ass Fire

Could it have been better? Well, a bike was stolen and then found a day later in Northfield, and my tent got moved into the woods and my stuff thrown around. We had folks show up who weren't invited, and they caused some trouble. But, next year we'll do invite only and will post a watch at the bottom of the hill.

After a few days of recovery, I got back into the studio, to continue work on Vinnie's book:

page 5
Page 5,
Page 6
page 6, Virginia's Room, and below, page 7, Big Bad Woolf.

Page 7

Whew! Okay, I'm close to caught up, and there will be more soon...

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