Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Birthday Weekend

I turned 41 on Saturday, and have the scars to prove it. It was a wonderful, busy, fun birthday weekend, and I still have two more "gatherings" to go. I love the fact that I am connected with many different people and groups; it allows me to spend time with a myriad of types and helps me to keep expanding my own beliefs and question the way I see the world.

Here's how I spent my birthday weekend-
Friday after work; a couple of quick drinks with co-workers (and friends) at a great local spot, the Daily Planet. It's a cool and funky place with great food, and fairly well-priced, especially if you eat off the bar menu. We got a surprise visit from the college president, who bought the first round! Thanks, Tim.

I ran home, showered, changed, flattened my hair for serious rock-star stylin' and headed out to meet my dear friend Ian, and another couple for dinner at Pacific Rim. It's a terrifically tiny place on St. Paul Street that serves, well, yes, Asian food. Delicious and cheap. Then it was off to Higher Ground in South Burlington! It's been several months since I've been to a show at the club there, Neko Case was my last one, I think. Railroad Earth was playing. They were not my usual fare, but a very talented group of musicians, nonetheless. Here's a couple of shots from the club.

cp1_0220092159.jpg 0220092135a.jpg (that's Ian)

Saturday was a bit more low-key. During the day I cleaned the house and ran a few errands, then met Mom and Dad for an early dinner at Shanty on the Shore by the Burlington Waterfront. Mom and Dad gave me a fantastic 6 quart All-Clad Dutch Oven, hooray!

The Shanty has been there since the mid-80's and is just a fun, family-friendly fish house. Nothing fancy, but if you want deep-fried seafood, give it a go. After dinner, Dad and I went up to UVM to watch the dullest hockey game I've seen in years. Go Cats?

Sunday rolled around. I got right up and moving; hit the laundry-mat and then met my friend Jennaflower and her daughter Uma to go to the Mind & Body Expo at the Sheraton. We dropped Uma off with a friend and had brunch at Penny Cluse Cafe, yet another wonderful food destination in downtown. I'm telling you, it's like I ate my way through B-town this weekend.

Finally, Sunday evening I got myself all glammed up and headed out to Koi & Eric's place in Westford for their annual Oscar Party. And let's just say here and now that it was one of the best Oscar events in a long time. Well, the party wasn't the usual crowd, thanks to the big storm that rolled in that evening. Most folks stayed home. This is a photo I took on the way back into town on Monday morning.

Yes, I took Monday off and relaxed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cheese Alert

Okay, this is totally hokey, but I love it!