Monday, December 22, 2008



Yes, very cold, with lots and lots of snow here in B-town. At least it's just in time for Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let it snow

First real snow arrived in B-town today. I took these photos standing in the atrium space at work and looking up at the glass ceiling. hahahahaha! Glass Ceiling! Wow.

snow in black and white

Snow Patterns 2 Black and White I like the first one better. Both of these feel almost like stained glass to me. Very cool.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fresh Paint

I just finished up my first "real" painting in about 6 months. It was nice to be working directly on a stretched canvas, with nothing other than paint and gesso. I'm very happy with the results. For a long time I've wanted to do a bird painting; I've discovered they seem to be my totem animal (I have a tattoo of a Phoenix on my back) and lately I've either been collecting other work with birds in it, or using birds in some of my collage work. Prior to now, however, I've never tackled the subject head on. This piece is 16 x 20" and is titled Crow Gets Rejected. All rights reserved. It's a bad photograph, the top area should be a much brighter pink, but there's basically no natural light in Vermont anymore.

Crow Gets Rejected

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More mixed media art

I just finished a new piece, in time for a show at Opportunities Credit Union on the corner of North Street and North Avenue. Ric, from Kasini House called and asked if I would put some work up there for the months of December - February. There are currently 9 pieces of mine in the show. Stop by and take a gander!

This one is called Meet Virginia, and is 18 x 24 on vellum. Very much mixed media. Acrylic paint, found images (including that great print on handmade paper of the woman's face), colored pencil, and glitter. This was a fun piece to work on; I had actually started on it months ago, and then, of course, got busy working on other projects. Having to put up a show is great for lighting a fire under my ever-widening bottom. God, I need to start doing Yoga again.

Meet Virginia