Monday, July 23, 2007


blue horizon 1
There was no way I was doing anything on the sewing machine over the last couple of days. We had the most perfect weekend of the summer yet here in Vermont. Saturday I spent the day with friends and their daughter Xandra, at Leddy Park in Burlington. Then, friends and I went to see Transformers at the movies.

Can I just state for the record- possibly the coolest movie I’ve ever seen in my life?

Seriously. Beat out the original Matrix.

Optimus Prime kicked ass. And Megatron scared the crap out of me.

I’m such a geek.

Sunday we drove to Bristol and spent the late morning at Rocky Dale Nursery checking out their perennials. Into town for lunch, (here’s a shot of Main Street)
prayer flags 1and back to the nursery to eat gelato on a bench surrounded by flowers and bumblebees. We bought two daylilies, Capacian fiesta and Ed Murray. No pictures yet, but I’ll take some tomorrow.
EchinaceaThis is one of our Echinacea, a strain called Summer Sky.

And, finally, local corn with diner on Sunday night, and the opportunity to find out who won The Next FoodNetwork Star.

Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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