Thursday, July 19, 2007

Follow Through #1

I finished the napkins last night. I was supposed to go to the Craft + Process movie night at the Firehouse Gallery with E to the M, but my back was really killing me, and I begged off. I’m hoping for a full report later today. At any rate, after diner and 800 mgs of ibuprofen, I decided to try threading the needle again. Still no luck on finding the manual for la machine, but I was getting desperate. So, really, I just tried threading la machine a little differently, and it worked! I finished the last two napkins with a minimum of fuss; only caught the fabric in the teeth of the machine twice and had to reset the bobbin once when somehow the thread got wrapped around it and jammed up the whole works.

Here is my first birthing:

This fabric
Pumpkin loveis the only thing I have that I could call “stash”, and I’m going to try and use it to make a couple of throw pillow covers to give to mom. She would love them for her porch swing as the weather turns cooler. Today after work I hit the fabric store for a fabric to use on the back of the pillow, and something that will go with this:
Polka-dotted weiner which is what I’m using on the first tote bag I’m making. My best friend gave me a "diy kit" from Eggpress one day that is the cutest stuffed dog. I'm sacrificing the whole "stuffing" aspect of it this time around so I can use the fabric other ways.

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