Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming Soon...Bonestock 2008!


Gearing up this weekend for Bonestock, a wonderful, one-of-a-kind music festival in Central Vermont. I haven't been for about 3 years now. This photo was taken last year, probably by my friend Erik, who owns the land. I stole it from the website. Here is my list of needs:

Cooler from Emily (she's got one with wheels)
Sleeping Bag/Pillow
Beer & Wine
Chicken (for grillin’)
Cheese & Crackers
Eggs & sausage for breakfast
Various other snacky things
Bottled water
Toilet Paper
Insect repellent
Sun block (if I’m lucky)
Flashlight & batteries
Book in case of rain
Ice, Ice, Baby

I'll store my drinks behind the bar, and Don will dish them out as I go get:

The Bar...
It's gotten a lot bigger than the last time I was there. Lots of pictures after this weekend, I promise. I'll be down there Friday and Saturday night, as long as we don't have a ton of rain again, and back in town on Sunday.

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