Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tornado! (Maybe)


There are possible tornados in our area (which happens very rarely). This is an email that just went out:
Vermont Department of Health Severe Weather Guidelines for June 10, 2008
I. Severe Weather/Tornado Status

Although a tornado is a possible by-product of the adverse weather conditions headed toward Vermont, a tornado is not likely. What is likely is severe weather, including high winds and large hail today.

II. Severe Weather Alerts

The National Weather Service tracks weather conditions. When severe high wind or tornado is likely for a given area, the Weather Service will issue an automatic warning via radio and television. Employees may wish to keep radio(s) turned on today.

III. Sheltering Procedure in the Event of Severe Weather/Tornado

When a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service, or when a severe weather has otherwise been sighted in the vicinity, or when notified by an emergency e-mail, employees should seek shelter as follows:

A. If Underground Shelter Is Present (Parking Garage or other building):
1. Proceed in an orderly manner to the P1 parking level..
2. Check in with their office evacuation coordinator just as in a fire drill.
3. Position yourself on the true north side of the parking garage (US Post Office side).
4. Stand near a large object (automobile) next to which you can curl up in the event of a building collapse. Do not get under the object, but rather next to it.
In the event of a building collapse, the object will create a “pyramid of life” between the collapse ceiling and the crushed auto.

B. If No Underground Shelter is Present:
1. Go into an interior room or interior hallway as low in the building as possible and away from windows.
2. Position yourself near the true north side of the room and next to a large sturdy object if such is available.
3. In the event of a building collapse, curl up next to the large sturdy object in order to take advantage of any pyramid of life that may be created during the collapse.
C. If Outdoors or in an auto:
1. Seek shelter, as above.
2. If no shelter, seek the lowest possible depression available.
Remember, a tornado is not a likely occurrence today, however high wind and heavy hail are a distinct possibility.

Really. A pyramid of life. Lovely, thanks.

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